Lambton Engine No.29

18th August 2014. North Yorkshire Moors Railway, Pickering, North Yorkshire,UK.  Printed 21st August 2014 on Ilford RC Warmtone paper.

18th August 2014. North Yorkshire Moors Railway, Pickering, North Yorkshire,UK.
Printed 21st August 2014 on Ilford RC Warmtone paper.

I went down to the NYMR in Pickering last Monday to request permission for a group of us from FADU to photograph around the station in October. I had a wander around and this steam engine was at the end of the platform being filled at the water crane. I’m not much up on trains but I like to see the history behind how they ended up at Pickering. This particular engine is a L. H. & J. C. 0-6-2T tank engine No 29, built in 1904 by Kitson of Leeds (works no.4263). The engine started life at Lambton Collieries, based in County Durham, and was used to take coal to the Port of Sunderland.
To read more about the history of No.29 there’s a fascinating piece written by Chris Cubitt at the Lambton Locomotive Trust website – link.
When I was a teenager I spent my school holidays helping out on the NYMR in the early 1970′s. As I recall it was working for a Mr.Smith who apparently had something to do with the docks on Tyneside, and who owned a steam engine which he housed at Pickering. We would spend hours rubbing down the engine with emery cloth, by hand! The best part was having our sandwiches in an old railway carriage with a paraffin heater to keep us warm. That smell stays with me even today.

Photography notes:
The negative was exposed using my Mamiya C330s with the standard 80mm lens. I used Ilford HP5+ rated at 400 and developed in Kodak HC110 1:49 for 8minutes.
I printed it on Ilford resin-coated warmtone paper.

BTW – the above photograph is not for sale as the NYMR permits photography but not for commercial purposes.


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Ryedale Post Card 1951

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